The village of Bohinjska Bela is located between two of the most popular tourist destination of Slovenia – Bled and Bohinj.
Bled with its surroundings is considered to be one of the most beautiful alpine resorts, characterized by its mild and healthy climate and thermal waters of its lake. Sun, tranquility and fresh air invigorate visitors during all seasons, they provide ideal conditions for either active or relaxing holidays.
Bled’s mild sub-alpine guarantee the longest bathing season of all alpine resorts. Julian Alps and Karavanke provide protection from cold northern winds so fog occurs rarely during the season.
Valley of Bohinj is one of the most beautiful valleys in the heart of Julian Alps and Triglav National Park, the only national Park in Slovenia. High mountains, green forests, plateaus with lush meadows, natural attractions, cultural heritage, idyllic alpine villages and towns guarantee their visitors a pleasant holiday.

Bohinj is a perfect starting point for short trips and walks along the trails in the valley as well as for hiking into the heart of Triglav National Park. The valley offers plenty of things to do during all seasons of the year – its lake is attracting visitors for a refreshing swim during summer, while it transforms into a winter sports center during colder months of the year.
Bohinj is an ideal starting point for hikes into the wonderful nature around. There’s plenty of well-marked and maintained trails across Julian Alps, many of them are suitable for nordic walking. There’s also a lot of easy but beautiful strolls to many natural and cultural attractions in the area. If you’re into more exciting stuff, you can try rock climbing – there’s over 200 routes in the area – if you’re fresh to the sport there’s climbing schools with experienced instructors and all the equipment.
Dynamic landscape offers many routes for cyclists of all grades, you can try them on your own or you can opt for an organized tour with a guide. All sorts of bicycles can be rented in case you don’t have one yourself.

Similar views of the pristine nature in the valley can be had from the back of a horse – there’s all sorts of trips available; there’s also schools to teach you the basics of horseback riding.
Fans of fishing will fly fishing on the river Sava with its trout, grayling and huchen. Sport fishing is also possible on both Bled and Bohinj lakes.
All kinds of trips are available – in and around the valley or around the surrounding areas, organized or on your own, by foot, bike or car or even riding a horse, you can try the tour boat on Bohinj lake or ride the lovely museum train with it’s steam engine.
All sorts of water activities are available on both lakes, easy ones such as swimming or paddling around in a small boat as well as more demanding such as sailing and wind surfing. River Sava is perfectly suited for more exciting activities such as kayaking, canoeing, rafting or hydrospeeding
Whole valley is a great terrain for adventure sports such as paragliding or caving – there’s clubs and agencies to show you the ropes so you can try it yourself. Lesce sports airfield is only 15 kilometers away – you can arrange a scenic flight or a parachute jump. There’s also a rail for the summer sledding at nearby Bled.
There’s all sorts of winter sports available during colder periods of the year.

There’s several skiing resorts nearby. Straza at Bled is basic but just few miles away, while Vogel, Kobla and Soriska planina are a bit further away, but they offer diverse slopes that will suit all types of skiers, from beginners to advanced ones, from alpine style skiers to snowboarders. If you’re not feeling quite at home on snow-covered slopes, you can find assistance in diverse ski schools that will teach you the basics or more advanced techniques – you can borrow all equipment there as well.
Cross-country skiing is possible on some 35 kilometers of well-maintained trails in the valley, at Soriska planina and Pokljuka.
Ski touring is perfect for more adventurous and bolder skiers who would like to try something off the beaten path. Trails from the peaks and ridges of Julian Alps are considered to be the most attractive descents in Slovenia.
Fun on the sledges can be had at all skiing resorts during the day as well as on slopes around the valley, while you can try an organized night sledging tour down a well-kept and lit trail.

There’s three skating rinks in the valley where you can borrow skates in case you don’t have them. If winter is cold enough it’s possible to skate on both lakes as well.
A rather special experience are winter hikes – there’s several different trails available, suitable for different levels of fitness; some of the trails are adapted to use snowshoes.
And in case you get really bored of the ordinary winter activities, you can try some of the more unusual stuff such as snow rafting, skijoring, off-road snow biking or even ice climbing (done with help and under supervision of experienced instructors).
All these activities don’t mean that only sportsmen will enjoy Bohinjska Bela, your holidays can be organized in completely relaxing manner. There are many wellness centers in the nearby Bled while there’s also an aquapark in Bohinjska Bistrica some 15 minutes away, especially suitable for children. Many local inns and restaurants are located in the surroundings where you can enjoy home made traditional local food as well as international specialties. Many sporting, cultural and entertaining events will keep you from being bored.
Location of Bohinjska Bela makes it very convenient for trips around northwestern part of Slovenia. There’s lots of cultural heritage sites to see such as the castle of Bled, renaissance manor at Brdo, old towns of Radovljica and Skofja Loka, the basilica at Brezje, Vintgar gorge, the cave at Babji Zob, metalworking museum at Kropa…
We can help you organize all the activities during your holidays, we can arrange you a program to fill every day of your stay in our beautiful valley.